Monday/Wednesday Sessions

Session I: Mon. November 2nd- Wed. December 2nd
(no lesson Wednesday before thanksgiving)
Sessions II: Mon. December 7th- Wed. December 30th

5:00-5:30pm, ages 6-8
5:30-6:00pm ages 9+

$50 for the month long session

About the Instructor: Lou Marino is a USPTA Cardio & Youth Tennis Coach with 50 years experience playing and teaching tennis. He has lived and taught in the greater Hilton Head/Bluffton area since 2003.

This is a tennis program focused on beginners, ages 5 through 10, and follows the current United States Tennis Association (USTA) guidelines for “Youth Tennis.” From it’s (USTA’s) inception of providing an organized, group tennis experience to kids, the program has evolved in name from “Pee Wee Tennis,” “Quick-start Tennis,” “Little Tennis,” and “10 & Under Tennis” to the current “Youth Tennis.”

Along with the changing of names there have been ongoing changes in equipment and teaching techniques. The racquets, balls, nets and even the courts have been more appropriately sized to the kids height, strength and speed abilities. Teaching is more focused on activities that promote success through the kids having fun with each other as well as “rallying” the ball back and forth while virtually, eliminating the net as an obstacle.

As a licensed, qualified USPTA Cardio and Youth Tennis Coach, my main goal is to nurture a love for the game and a desire for the kids to continue playing no matter what level they may achieve. If it’s fun, and as an instructor I make it fun for all my students, they’ll discover that tennis is truly “the sport for a lifetime.”

September 23
Saturday Session