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Paddle Fit

April 12 - Oct 29
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday | 90min
Tues & Thurs 9:00am | Sat 8:00am
Hilton Head Rowing & Sailing Center
$20 per class & $15 Equipment Rental
Punchcards available

Paddle Fit with JB Boards is a cross training fitness class while stand up paddleboarding. Enjoy being on the water while working out your core, strength training your major muscle groups and building your endurance. 90 minute classes include: warm up paddle, stretching, interval training, races and cool down float. Participants must bring (or rent) Stand Up Paddleboard, Paddle & PFD (life jacket)  

Join a class with or without a paddle board! Equipment Rental (includes: paddleboard, paddle, leash and PFD)

Offsite Registration: Register Here