Pool fAQs

The Island Rec Center Pool is the only public lap/training  pool on the Island! In addition, we are home to the Hilton Head High School Seahawks Swim Team, as well as our own swim programs. Please note our pool is mainly used for fitness lap swim. Here are some frequently asked questions about our pool:

What are the Specs on your pool?

Our pool is a 8 lane short course pool. It is 25 yards in length.  

Lesson pool is 3.5ft deep 

Shallow end 4ft deep and Deep end is 8ft.


Do you have a salt pool and How is your pool Sanitized?

No, we are not a full salt pool. Our pool is sanitized by using a Chlorination generation system.  It works just like a salt water pool, but we add the salt directly to the machine--not the pool. We also use a UV filter just like a salt pool for added sanitation. We keep our pool between 1-3ppm of chlorine as regulated by SC DHEC. All commercial pools in the state of SC have to have at least 1ppm of chlorine to run.

It is a myth that a Salt pool has no chlorine, It has atleast 1-3ppm

What is the water temperature?

We aim for a water temperature of 82, but it does fluctuate with air temperatures.

Where is your pool located?

Our pool is located right next to the Rec Center, located at 20 Wilborn Rd, Hilton Head (on the public school campus).

About the Dome

How long does the dome stay up?

The dome goes up in November and comes down in March. Check the open pool swim calendar for specific dates. 

What is the air temperature inside the dome?

The air is set to 69 degrees in the dome.

For more questions about the pool, please email Head Lifeguard, Brandon Brown at brandon.brown@islandreccenter.org.