Children's Scholarship Fund

In children’s developing years it is better for them to keep normalcy and consistency in their lives. By granting monies to our scholarship fund you will help many families give this to their children. As you know, times are tough for many families in our community and in many situations the children suffer by having to give up many of the programs they love. Our scholarship fund has ensured that no child is denied participation in our programs keeping the children of our community active in the Recreation Center’s sports they love, involved in our programs promoting a happy healthy lifestyle, and safe before and after school while their parents are at work in our excellent childcare programs. 

Children's Scholarship Program Requirements

You must supply us with a copy of your latest tax return before we will consider your application.

Scholarships are limited and are given to those most needy. The Island Recreation Association is a non-profit organization; the registration fees are designed to cover staff, insurance and programming costs.  

 If you are approved for a scholarship you are required to follow the guidelines listed below:

  •  If you check is returned to the Island Recreation Center for insufficient funds, your scholarship will become void and you will be charged the full program fee. In addition, you will no longer be able to pay for any program fees by check. We will only accept cash or money order. 
  • If your payments become more than two weeks late, your scholarship will become void and you will be charged the full program fee.  When necessary we will collect late payments through the Magistrate Court.

We believe being awarded a scholarship is a privilege that should not be taken for granted. 

We reserve the right to end our scholarship arrangement with you at any given time based on your financial standing with the Association.  

To apply for a scholarship, click here to download.

Please return the completed scholarship form and tax paperwork to the Island Recreation Center.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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