Children's Scholarship Fund

The Hilton Head Island Recreation Association is a community­ based non-profit organization, which raises over $200,000 annually. Monies raised goes to our children’s scholarship fund, to ensure that no child is denied recreation. The Association offers scholarships to fit every individual’s financial situation. The Association strives not to turn away anyone due to financial limitations.

Children's Scholarship Program Requirements

In Order To Qualify, Scholarships Request Forms Are Due Immediately After Registration. Scholarship Application Must Include A Copy Of Your Most Recent Tax Documents.

Scholarships are limited and are given to those most needy. The Island Recreation Association is a non-profit organization; the registration fees are designed to cover staff, insurance and programming costs.

The Association believes being awarded a scholarship is a privilege. This privilege should not be taken for granted. 

The one request the association asks of a scholarship recipient is to keep your program payments current. The Association reserves the right to terminate scholarship arrangement at any given time if your account is delinquent. 

To apply for a scholarship, click here to download.

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