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Hilton Head Disc Golf Learn & Play

February 13, 2016 - March 19
Saturdays, 10am to noon    
Ages 8 & up | $99
151 Gumtree Road, Hilton Head Island - The Fraser Golf Learning Center

After the last event prizes will be awarded for:
1) Most Improved
2) Best Single Round
3) League Scoring Champ
4) League Scoring Second Place
5) League Scoring Third Place

This is a beginners disc golf league and training and equipment will be provided.

The event hosts will teach participants how to play and run weekly training secessions for 30 minutes. This will be followed immediately by 9 hole events.

Each weekly secession will be the same and by the end of 6 weeks they will:
1) Know all the rules
2) Know 4-6 different ways to throw the disc, and know which is best for given shots
3) Have played 6 rounds of disc golf
4) Own 3 discs (a driver, a mid range and a putter - replacements are $10)