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Private Swim Lessons

Please be aware registration will be taken offline the Friday before the first class of each session. Please contact Brandon Brown (843-681-7273) for more information and to sign up.

Ages 3 & Up
Tuesday/Thursday 6:45-7:15pm

Beginner: Starting Bases (holding onto wall or sitting on steps following instructions.), General Water Adaption, Blowing Bubbles, Front and Back Floats, Push off Position,Push off Glides and Recovery, Intro to kicking

Intermediate: Free kicking with Board (able to kick 25's of free), Body Position- face down kicking with board or streamline while blowing bubbles, Side Glide kicking right and left- (holding posture) able to kick 25's on sides, Intro to free drills-  Catch-Up with boards to 6 kick + 3 strokes drill (or dills you feel they can do to learn freestyle), Swim 1 lap of freestyle with good posture and body position

Advanced: Swim Freestyle (after they swim multiple 25's of Free move on to the next stoke and so on), Learn Backstroke, Learn Breaststroke, Learn Butterfly

Session 1: Jan. 10-19
Session 2: Jan. 31-Feb. 9
Session 3: Feb. 21-March2
Session 4: March 14-23
Session 5: March 28-April 6
Session 6: April 18-27


Later Event: May 6
Group Swim Lessons